Skin Allergy

Allergies to substances that the immune system perceives as foreign invaders can cause skin allergies, commonly known as allergic contact dermatitis. Numerous symptoms, including as itching, redness, swelling, and rash, may result from this. Nickel, latex, perfumes, and some plants are a few things that frequently cause skin allergies.

A patch test, which involves applying small quantities of numerous suspected allergens to the skin and watching for a reaction, may be used by a dermatologist to identify a skin allergy.

Finding and avoiding the allergen trigger is usually the first step in treating skin allergies. Topical corticosteroids or other medicines may occasionally be recommended to treat symptoms and reduce inflammation. To calm the skin and stop additional inflammation, moisturizing lotions and other emollients may also be advised. Oral corticosteroids or other systemic drugs might be required in extreme situations. A dermatologist or other healthcare professional should be consulted to decide the best course of action in each unique case.

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