Thick Toe Nails (Onychauxis)

Onychauxis, or thick toenails, can have a variety of causes. It could be brought on by aging, psoriasis, injuries, or fungal infections. Rarely, it may also be a sign of an underlying illness such thyroid disorders, diabetes, or circulation problems.

The underlying reason of thick toenails will determine how to treat them. Antifungal medicine may be recommended if a fungal infection is the cause of the thickness. Sometimes it could be essential to remove the nail. Topical or oral medicines may be used to treat psoriasis-related thick toenails.

Thick toenails can cause pain, discomfort, and trouble walking if they are not corrected. The enlarged nails may occasionally become infected, which can result in more severe consequences. A dermatologist or podiatrist should be consulted for a proper diagnosis and course of therapy.

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