Female Alopecia

Female Alopecia, also known as Androgenic Alopecia, is the female equivalent of male pattern baldness. This form of chronic hair loss or hair thinning occurs in mid to late thirties and can continue to have an impact on hair growth as well as overall thinning to your hair. 

There are many treatment options to address female hair loss. Dr. Morgana Columbo addresses a few options ranging from oral, topical, as well as procedures. Trust me, if you're looking for a treatment option, Skintap will have it. 

Minoxidil is an oral treatment option that works as a vasodilator; allowing more blood flow to the hair follicles. This stimulates hair regrowth and aids in the thickening of current hair strands to give a fuller affect.

Another oral medication is Finasteride, yes you heard me, the same medication given to men can work wonders for women as well! This medication contains active ingredients that aids in hormonal imbalances that can address hair loss and hair thinning over time. 

When taking oral medications such as the ones we mentioned earlier, Dr. Columbo recommends taking a multivitamin as well to ensure optimal results. Nutrafol is a hair-growth specific multivitamin that targets hair growth directly, but if you're not looking to break the bank there are other options. Women's Multivitamins or Prenatal vitamins work wonders in combination with the medications we offer here at Skintap. 

We've talked about a variety of treatment options, but if you aren't seeing the results you're hoping for there is an options known as PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma. This procedure stimulates hair growth by introducing plasma directly into the hair follicles. All of these options and many more are offered here at Skintap, you can speak to one of our Dermatologists to find the best option for your hair loss!