Congrats! You've gotten rid of your acne, but what about acne scars? No worries, Skintap has answer for you!

There are treatment options available to get rid of acne scars. Whether your scars are superficial or deeper into the skin, there is always a way to help. The first step in treating acne scars is ensuring your acne is not active. Once your acne is taken care of you can dive deeper into helping your scars heal. 

Topical treatments are always a solution, Dr. Morgana Columbo recommends a topical Retinoid along with your night-time skincare routine. Adding this healing step to your skincare can make a huge impact on the healing process of scars and work to fade the lasting effect of acne. A topical Retinoid's main goal is to boost collagen production, this gives your skin the factors it needs to improve health and overall appearance.

For more severe scarring there are treatment options a Board Certified Dermatologist can perform in office to ensure quality results. Procedures are offered such as lasers and Micro-needling aid not only the appearance of the skin in its entirety, but stimulate that collagen production on a deeper level. If you are looking for a solution that hits those scars right where they hurt, Fillers are also an option to fill in remaining scars and provide a smoother texture to the skin.

You have tackled the challenge of acne treatment, now treat yourself with the best skin you could possibly have. Contact us here at Skintap to discuss the treatment options on the market, and find the best one for you!