How to Prepare to Speak with the Best Online Dermatologist for Acne

So, you have decided that you want to meet with the best online dermatologist for acne, now what? Today we discuss everything you need to do to prepare for your virtual visit.

Write Everything Down

The best way to prepare for your virtual visit is to make a list of everything that is concerning you as well as any questions you may have.

Once you start your intake form, you may forget some of your concerns! By having a list of concerns about acne to provide at the end of the intake form, you can feel more confident in your skincare and treatment plan.

Know Your Medical History

You will need to provide some details of your past medical history on the intake form. Our dermatologists need this in order to make the best diagnosis and to craft the most effective treatment plan.

Some questions you should be prepared to answer include:

    • What is your current skincare routine, if any?
    • When do you notice breakouts?
    • Where do you notice breakouts?
    • Have you received treatment/medication for acne before?

Look at Active Ingredients

Take a look at the skincare products you are currently using and make note of the active ingredient on each item. This information is crucial for our dermatologists to understand what may be working or not working for your acne.

You should also make a list of all of the other medications you may be using, even if they are not skin-related as they may be the cause of breakouts.

Take a Selfie

You will be required to upload a photo during your intake process. Take a picture of your acne at its worst in the event that it has cleared up by the time you take your intake form. This picture will be important for your dermatologist to see the full scope of your acne when it is at its peak.

Start Your Virtual Visit with the Best Dermatologist for Acne Today

Acne is a frustrating issue that no one deserves to suffer through. If you are unhappy with the current state of your skin be sure to start your intake form today to be reviewed by our best online dermatologists for acne.