Volume Loss

Loosing volume in the face is another unfortunate result of aging, but don't lose hope! Skintap has answers for you!

There are noninvasive treatment options to improve the overall volume of your skin. There are different formulas available, Hyaluronic acid that brings the volume as well as a glow and Polylactic Acid that brings a bit more of a sculpting affect. Finding the best topical regimen can do wonders for your skin, allowing you to have a glowing complex as well as smooth skin.

Fillers, or Dermal Fillers, are used to volumize the face while allowing you to keep your natural glowing skin. This treatment option is performed by a Board Certified Dermatologist, and can give lasting results. 

If you are interested in exploring your treatment options, visit us here at Skintap to review all of the treatment options available to you and to ensure you're seeing a skilled provider that can make you the most confident you!