Fine Lines

Wrinkles, or fine lines, can be broken down into two different categories: Lines of Expression or Lines of Motion.  Lines of motion are described as prominent lines in the skin shown by emotion, raising of the eyebrows, frowning, smiling, or really any other facial expression you can think of. 

Lines of motion can be treated with injectable agents that slow down or stop the motion of these muscles. They are known more commonly as Botox or Dysport. This treatment option fades or allows these lines to disappear all together. Following treatment, results can be seen as little as three to five days and results last roughly four months. Typical treatment areas are between the eyebrows, forehead, crows feet, bunny lines, lips, and chin. 

Static lines, on the other hand, are caused by a loss of elastin or collagen within the skin.  Treatment options a tad bit different than that of Lines of Motion, introducing your skin to a topical retinoid that promotes collagen and helps fade fine lines on the skin. There are also cosmological treatment options including lasers and micro-needling that induce collagen building within your skin to fade fine lines.

Whether motion or static, Skintap can offer treatment options for both and provide you with the best recommendation for your skin!