Microneedling is a common non-invasive skincare treatment. Microneedling is especially popular because it can address a multitude of cosmetic concerns like reducing acne scarring to targeting wrinkles. 

Let’s take a look at 5 different ways microneedling can be a beneficial treatment option once recommended by your Skintap board certified dermatologist. 

  1. Revitalizes Skin Tone & Texture – Microneedling works by creating microscopic injuries to the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen all in a quick non-invasive procedure. 
  2. Fades Acne Scarring – Microneedling can be an effective way to deal with acne scarring by effectively breaking up any underlying fibrosis. 
  3. Reduces Hyperpigmentation – Microneedling can also target hyperpigmentation and be effective at reversing signs of sun damaged skin.  
  4. Combats Fine Lines & Wrinkles – Microneedling targets fine lines and wrinkles through removing the outer layer of skin to reveal a tighter appearance of skin.  
  5. Removes Dead Skin Cells – Microneedling removes dead skin cells that reside in the stratum corneum that can lead to dullness and roughness.  

It’s important to note that microneedling is best completed in a dermatologist’s office to ensure the treatment is safe and effective.